Patriotism is NOT Dead

Patriotism is NOT Dead 

Posted: 12:12 am Saturday, May 28th, 2016

By fingers13

This election year we have many frustrated Americans are trying to navigate the swirl of swill coming at us from all sides. This beautiful albeit imperfect republic is being twisted six ways to Sunday but that has no effect on the true American spirit. Here are some warm and fuzzies that reinforce the fact that Americans are still proud and proper when it comes to our country. – Fingers

Crank this beautiful rendition of the National Anthem before you light the BBQ and give thanks to the men and women who served so we can enjoy our liberties and freedom this weekend and everyday on this beautiful Long Island we call home. God Bless America – Fingers

This young man decided he was not going to let the flag that lost its tether lay on the ground so he held it up until help arrived. Kudos to you son. – Fingers

Here is a video I hope you enjoy.  I produced it a some years back about a great motorcycle run called “Lend a Helping Hand” where we place the flags on our fallen veterans. Thanks to the “I Don’t Know MC for doing this every year. – Fingers


Where it all started – Fingers 


Birthplace of Memorial Day

Participating with the Honor Flight, an organization that flies WWII vets to DC to see their memorial, is one of the highlights of my life. Fingers



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