Lock Of David Bowie’s Hair Sells In Auction For $15,000

Lock Of David Bowie’s Hair Sells In Auction For $15,000 

Posted: 5:01 pm Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

By fingers13

One of my all time favorites is now playing the great gig in the sky but his legacy lives on and apparently his hair too. lol – Fingers



Via Google Reuse With Modification

Bowie’s hair was sold at an auction for £13,700 after being put on the block by Wendy Farrier. Farrier cut Bowie’s hair back in 1983 in order to make a wig for Bowie’s wax figure at the Madame Tussaud’s museum.

The museum policy dictates that their subjects’“leftover” hair must be destroyed, but Wendy Furrier decided to keep a little clump of it. She framed the hair lock with a photo of the two of them and hung it on her wall. Wendy later told Newsweek, working with Bowie was one of the best moments in her career.

“He came over and seemed…a normal guy. There wasn’t any ego there, he was very easygoing. I said: ‘I’m sorry, I’ll be very careful, I won’t muck up your style,’ because he had a big quiff at the front. I remember my scissors were shaking as I did it. He was totally calm, he didn’t make a fuss,” she recalled. “At that time he had so many different colors — I took about five samples because the back of his head was a different color to the very bleached blond at the front.”