A Help Request From the Fingerman

A Help Request From the Fingerman 

Posted: 3:29 pm Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

By fingers13

My friends as you may know I will always be at the ready to help others even if just to shine a light on someones need. I need you all; FMS fans, bikers, listeners and friends to now help me help my friend. My Pal Al has succumbed to his cancer and albeit the help received via the Gofundme campaign helped along the way. His lovely wife is now saddled with the financial wreckage this disease has left. Please join me for this event at 89 North on October 20th (Al’s Birthday)

Check out the tribute Dee Snider did for Al at Sundays run.Thanks to Momma Dukes for the video

Details below on flyer.

I have been bestowed with many, very cool, items for the raffle and auction and will follow up soon with a list and some pictures. But it’s not about what we can get but what we can give. Please consider attending or contributing via the aforementioned Gofundme page.

Thanks to those who have helped so far. – Fingers