Posted: 3:37 pm Monday, February 13th, 2017

By fingers13

One of my cherished metal memories is interviewing Lars Ulrich at the Nassau Coliseum when they opened for Qzzy’s “Ultimate Sin” tour. They were touring on “Master of Puppets” called the “Damage Inc.” tour. Lars was so young and excited and talkative, it was great. That’s where he recorded the famous Fingers Metal Shop ID that opens with “Hello this is Lars Ulrich of Metallica Ha!…” That was 1986. Fast forward to last night when they were on the Grammy’s with Lady Gaga, more seasoned a little gray and still on their game (except for the mic thing which I wont hold against the band) and still relevant. And nnow the really good news… They are coming back the New Coliseum on May 17th and tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10. Link Below picture. Long Live Metallica! – Fingers

59th GRAMMY Awards -  Arrivals

Metallica Tix