Posted: 4:01 pm Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Poison’s Rikki Rocket 2 wheel’s on tour 

By fingers13

Rikki has been rocking some 30 years now and has seen it all including his fight with stage 4 oral cancer. After success with immunotherapy he wants to give back so he is creating a vehicle called “From the Saddle” to do that.

“From The Saddle” has him traveling on this current tour via 2 wheels and taking pictures and video from a bikers perspective. His hope is that he and his Ducati will produce a sell-able entity with proceeds to help others needing immunotherapy.

Listen in and get ready for Poison to hit the stage with Tesla and Def Leppard on April 15th at the New Nassau Coliseum.

Check out this video about his recovery. 482866469