The Finger Files 

God of Thunder Blunder

  • 9:45 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 by fingers13

When you live on stage things are gonna happen. Sometimes artists fall off the stage. Gene Simmons fell on stage. Well actually on his butt. I hope he didn’t hurt his coccyx bone or his cod piece. But you know Gene, the show must go on! Watch! 

– Fingers 

Judas Priest Has New a Mobile Game!!

  • 3:12 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 by fingers13

Heads up gamer’s!! The mighty Judas Priest has a new mobile game called “Road To Valhalla” The unique game play features song stems (parts) that you use to assemble songs as you battle along. Cool huh?

From the press release : “Metal maniacs are you ready to join Judas Priest on the Road To Valhalla…..? We are excited to have you take charge and lead the way on the bike and the tour bus! Let the molten metal mayhem begin with the thrill of the ride! Can you claim victory on this perilous journey that leads you into Valhalla…?”
Have a blast and [More]

Listen! Warren Haynes Talks Gov’t Mule & More

  • 4:24 pm Monday, July 10th, 2017 by fingers13

Warren Haynes has made his mark playing and or writing with the Allman Brothers, The Dead, Dave Mathews, and a ton off others including William Shatner! His technical prowess and genuine feel of the guitar has him in high demand but his baby is Gov’t Mule. Check out the now available new album “Revolution Come Revolution Go” I hope you enjoy this short chat I had with the man leading up to this weekends gig at the Great South Bay Music Festival. – Fingers

Beastie Boys Meets Sesame Street!!?

  • 4:14 pm Thursday, July 6th, 2017 by fingers13

Check out this wonderful mashup of the 1994 classic “Sabotage”.  Spike Jonze the director of the original must be rolling on the floor laughing. Check out the fun below.

Nirvana live at RadioShack?

  • 5:41 pm Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 by fingers13

Please try (audio a bit rough)  to enjoy Nirvana live at RadioShack. Aberdeen, January 1988 (Never Seen Footage)