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My Daughter kept her grades up..Then this happened!

  • 5:51 pm Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 by fingers13

My youngest daughter has been asking for me to let her dye my hair. After many requests I finally made a deal with her. You keep your grades up and I will let you color my hair. “Bet! I get to pick the color” she says. “We’ll see” I replied. After posting the situation on Facebook a month or so ago and read all the feedback, we decided pink would be cool for breast cancer awareness month. She kept her grades up and it’s a bet I’m happy to loose. So here is a quick video of the dye job. [More]

Guns ‘N’ Roses Rock Madison Square Garden

  • 4:40 pm Thursday, October 12th, 2017 by fingers13

Last night Guns N’ Roses hit the Garden for the first of 3 shows. I was invited to the show by Live Nation for the show and some VIP treatment. Honestly I had no intention of going to this show because A) I saw them at Sundance before they broke and they were amazing and pure dangerous rock and roll. B) Like many of us I sat hours at shows waiting for the boys to show up. C) After waiting forever for Chinese Democracy… Well I was less than impressed. However after receiving a free invite and my girlfriend wanting [More]

Dave Grohl Meets The Doc Who Saved His Leg

  • 2:40 pm Thursday, October 5th, 2017 by fingers13

Back in June of 2015 while the Foo Fighters were playing a stadium in Sweden front-man Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. After a short break (no pun intended) the band started to play some songs on Dave’s request to give the people a show. After convincing a Dr. to hold his leg in place while he returns he played another two and half hours. Before going to the hospital! Watch Dave share the story on a Swedish TV show and the check out the next video to see his return to the stage. Awesome story [More]

UPDATE: Chilling 911 Call by Tom Petty’s Wife

  • 3:01 pm Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 by fingers13

UPDATE: I took down the call. I apologize for the insensitivity. I meant no harm. I truly thought it may shed some light on situations like this and that it might help. IF someone wants to hear the call it’s all over the web but you will not find it on our site anymore. If you know me you know I don’t have an evil bone in my body. I always try to find things related to music or feel good stories. That does not exclude me from being stupid and human. I did not post this for clicks (I [More]