Holy Flashback Batman! My Fathers Place is Returning!!

Holy Flashback Batman! My Fathers Place is Returning!! 

Posted: 3:22 pm Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

By fingers13

Back in the day Long Island was home to many rocking nightclubs. Speaks, Hammerheads, Beggars Opera, MadHatter, OBI, Rum Bottoms, Rum Runners, and Sunance to name a few.

One of the crowns jewels was My Fathers Place. I remember many a gig there as well as attending great shows. Well it’s coming back this Spring. Read more in the following press release that hit today. – Fingers




Roslyn, NY – My Father’s Place, the legendary rock club that during the 70’s and 80’s was the hub of the flourishing music scene on Long Island, will reopen not far from it’s original location in Roslyn, New York. Michael “EPPY” Epstein, the club’s founder and impresario, has entered into a licensing and joint venture agreement with the new owners of The Roslyn Hotel to develop an upscale supper club and restaurant at the Hotel’s location at 1221 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, New York.
The Roslyn Hotel was recently purchased by the 935 Lakshmi, LLC headed by long time Long Islander Sudhir Kakar, and is managed by Bridgeton Holdings. Bridgeton plans to reposition the property into a luxury style boutique hotel and they are currently working with Eppy on new designs for the club that will have a decidedly “Gold Coast” look and provide a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for guests. The supper club and chic restaurant are expected to open in the Spring of 2018 after renovations are completed.
According to Eppy, the new venue will be more intimate, with an emphasis on comfort and service, in addition to great music. “I don’t want to just bring back the old club, but I want to create a new experience.” He notes that, “Today the music industry is not catering to my generation, but we still love going out, and we still love music. And on top of that, the music business is still not giving young kids and new acts a chance to play and develop. I want to fill these gaps.”
My Father’s Place at The Roslyn Hotel will feature state-of-the-art sound, lights and staging, and will present a wide variety of entertainers ranging from emerging pop and rock acts to legacy acts that performed at the original My Father’s Place. The new venue is a natural complement to the vision the current ownership has for the hotel. As Sudhir remarked, “Roslyn is a town that understands, appreciates and expects quality and we want to present a high quality product to our guests, whether it be food, service, accommodations, special events, or anything else. So being part of the reintroduction of an iconic club like My Father’s Place, which is stitched into the history of Roslyn, goes a long way in reviving excitement in the area for our guests and the residents of Roslyn.”

My Father’s Place was the launchpad for an entire era of new music. During its 17-year tenure, My Father’s Place helped to develop the careers of noted artists such as Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen; bands like Blondie, the Ramones, the Police and Aerosmith; pop star Madonna and comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Billy Crystal. During that time the club was the cultural capital of Long Island, and today after thirty plus years, the club’s name is still magic to the more one million people who went through its doors.