Hammerheads Reunion 2 Recap

Hammerheads Reunion 2 Recap 

Posted: 5:03 pm Friday, December 8th, 2017

By fingers13

Well the weekend is here and I wanted to share with you this amazing gig from last weekend.

This past Friday and Saturday nights were and amazing time capsule of Long Island night club band history. Zebra celebrated its 40 anniversary of coming to to LI,  Rat Race Choir reunited the classic 70’s lineup and Vixen and White Fire opened the nights respectively. And I got to host it all! It all went down at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh which for the record is a great venue and I remember hitting that place when it was a third of the size it is now. I along with a couple thousand people between the two nights had a blast watching and listening as well as running into old friends and sharing stories from back in the day. Here are some pictures and video from the night along with the round table interview that was done before the event in case you missed it.


Thanks to our night guy Rocky for these videos of Rat Race and Zebra.


Here is the round table interview with members of each band recalling the good old days. (**contains adult language and conversation**)