Get Your Cold Finger Apparel & Help Kids

Get Your Cold Finger Apparel & Help Kids 

Posted: 3:35 pm Monday, January 22nd, 2018

By fingers13

I just have to say “Wow!’ for the great support the 15th Annual New Years Day Cold Finger Run (CFR) received after being delayed 2 times because of weather and ultimately not happening.

The annual run raises funds for children coping with cancer to go to Camp Adventure. A Sleep over camp on Shelter Island where children coping with cancer and their siblings can have fun with like kids and have a ball doing activities crafts nature walks and forget about the cancer for a while and maybe the cancer will forget about them. I visit camp every couple of years and I can tell you it is truly and endearing experience. These kids are amazing. Camp Adventure is run by the Kids Need More Organization. A 501C3 Charity that took over when the American Cancer Society abandoned the program some years back.

Part of the allure of this run is getting on your bike in the cold, kind of a right of passage bragging rights thing another is simply that it’s the first run of the year. However as time has passed it has become more about the fact the you leave feeling that you did something that matters. As I said this years run did not happen. After subfreezing temps on the 1st and snow on the 7th it finally was moved to the 14th and with all the sand and salt on the road coupled with patches of ice we chose to keep everyone safe and just have a party.

We met at the Grille in the Ville in Farmingville for a buffet and entertainment by Hush. We charged $20 a head and that got you a commemorative patch, food and a raffle ticket. We sold shirts hats and raffle tickets as well as a 50/50. I’m proud to say we raised over $11,000 in three hours. Although that number falls short of average runs to do that without a run was nothing short of spectacular. Thank you to all.

In an effort to close the gap we have put together a apparel package featuring a long sleeve shirt, hat and commemorative patch. If you can find it in your heart to help click the link and pick out your size and get the warm and fuzzy feeling when it arrives knowing you helped send a child to Camp. CFR APPAREL PACK

You can also view a photo gallery from the party here

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