The Great Nickel Bag Controversy

The Great Nickel Bag Controversy 

Posted: 3:37 pm Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

By fingers13

Back in my high school days a nickle bag was an entirely different thing. However effective January first this year it became law to have to pay a nickle for a plastic bag or paper bag. However if you bring your own bags your off the hook. Some people are taking it in stride while others are flipping out. I remember a time when the last thing a register clerk said was “Cash or credit?” or “Will there be anything else?’ now it’s “Do you need a bag?” Well I have 17 items what do you think? And all of the sudden you’re contemplating how much stuff can I fit in a bag?

The plastic bag ban,  applies to all convenience, grocery, liquor, office supply, and clothing stores. It does not apply to fast food establishments, delis or restaurants. Shoppers will not be charged for using the small plastic bags at supermarkets that are used to bag produce or meats and fish. legislator William Spencer, who sponsored the bill. said “I hate fees. We don’t like fees. I don’t want families, I don’t want seniors to pay a fee. So bring a bag.” If you are unable to purchase a reusable bag, you can call legislator William Spencer at 631-854-4500 to receive a free bag.

This is all in an effort to cut down on waste. Which is a good thing and I believe most are behind the idea of leaving a better place for future generations. I have cloth bag that I bought from my supermarket years ago. I bought them because they hold more and the handles make it easier to carry several bags. I’m thinking less trips to the car upon unloading. Honestly the lack of waste created was not the push. As a matter of fact anytime I got plastic bags I would save them for the small kitchen trash can on the counter where I threw mainly perishable waste like egg shells, veggie parts, coffee grinds etc.

So how are retailers dealing with it. Well some are just giving you a free paper bag while other are just collecting the nickle which they keep. But I found one retailer that is doing something rather grand. Looney Tunes Record store in West Babylon, a family run biz since 1971 released this statement below and think it’s something others may find to their liking and maybe come up with creative ways to join in this great nickle bag controversy.

On the Air and in the Wind, Fingers


Dear Looney Tunes Customers,

As of January 1st 2018, in accordance with Suffolk County law, Looney Tunes (and ALL Suffolk County Stores) will be forced to charge 5¢ for each carryout bag. Please understand that this is NOT our policy, it is a new Suffolk County Law. Any store not in compliance is subject to a $500 fine for the first offense and a much larger fine for subsequent offenses.

OK, so what is Looney Tunes going to do….

First and foremost, we agree with the idea that we should all be encouraging each other to recycle more plastic and paper goods. Taking care of each other and our planet is something we at Looney Tunes strongly encourage and are happy to get behind and support. What we do not want to do is inconvenience or penalize our customers in any way. With the growth of online marketplaces, it is becoming harder and harder each day for mom and pop retailers in Suffolk County to survive. The new law, which again I believe was created with the best of intentions, I feel is going to further discourage customers from shopping brick and mortar locations. Instead of penalizing normal customers, let’s REWARD customers who use reusable bags.

So this is what Looney Tunes is going to do….

1) If you want a regular bag we will have to charge you 5¢ per bag. However, one of the items you purchase will be discounted by 5¢. In essence you will be paying the same amount you normally would have paid.
2) If you bring in your own reusable bag, we will reward you by discounting your purchase by 25¢.

We all have to do our part in protecting our environment. In addition, Looney Tunes will be making yearly donations to environmental charities such as, but not limited to

1) Ocean Conservancy
2) Rainforest Alliance
3) Friends of the Earth

We thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued support of Looney Tunes.

Karl and Jamie Groeger
Looney Tunes Owners


Looney Tunes is a family owned business operating in the same location in West Babylon, New York since 1971.

Looney Tunes 31 Brookvale Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704 (p) 631-587-7722 –




Looney Tunes is a family owned business operating in the same location in West Babylon, New York since 1971.


Looney Tunes 31 Brookvale Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704 (p) 631-587-7722 –