When Farewell Means See You Later!?

When Farewell Means See You Later!? 

Posted: 6:54 pm Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

By fingers13

Think. How many bands have you seen announce their “Farewell” tour and then return. My first memory is of The Who in 1982. Then Kiss did it in 2000 and then did 12 more tours! Sometimes it’s a legitimate desire to stop and maybe that changes after being off the road for some time. Sometimes it’s a money grab. I won’t pontificate between who is who here. What I want to do is show this trend goes way back in the music industry and some are indeed legit.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy, Elton John, Slayer, Paul Simon, Joan Baez and others have recently announced their “Farewell” tours. These will likely be the real thing but don’t exclude a show here and there or maybe even a residency. These rockers are getting older and it seems fitting to say bye bye to the road at this juncture.

The last big Farewell announcement I remember is the Scorpions who indeed continued to tour. I also remember Judas Priest announcing it in 2011 and yet I just saw them last week at the NYCB LIve Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

I mentioned Ozzy is retiring. He also said that in 1993 but now at this age I figure he may mean it now. Oddly he just finished the Black Sabbath “No More Tours” run. But hey he’s Ozzy and she’s $harron. He did indicate he may be open to individual shows here and there.

Elton John stated he was retiring in 1977 and then came back two years later. We can blame drugs on that announcement. Going back even further to 1971 ole blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra said he was done and yet two years later returned.

The Eagles, Barbra Streisand, The Band, Nine Inch Nails, Meatloaf, Cher and others have all done it. Said Farewell only to See Ya Later. What ever the reasons they based the decision on they all came back. Some in better shape some in different forms. Some were just outright whores for money. But it begs the question at what point do you wish to stop taking a chance of shelling out big cash to see your hero who is only a shred of their former self. Or! there is only one original member. When your fave band’s show sucks its hard to sit through and reminisce. Sometimes the good old days need to remain old and good.

I’ll close with three notable situations.

One: Cream called it quits 1968 in style with 22 shows in the US and 2 in London followed by the album Goodbye. They did however reunite for a few shows in only 2 cities 37 years later.

Two: Motley Crue did an amazing world tour and went out on top with their farewell tour. They even signed a contract stopping them from reuniting. Class act way to bow out. It was worth every cent.

Three: Not so much a farewell as a retirement for the wonderfully talented Neil Diamond who after being diagnosed with Parkinson disease has announced the cancellation of his 50 anniversary tour on the advice of his doctors. He will continue to write and produce and maybe record but touring is over for the Sweet Caroline man. Prayers for this blessed talent.

I hope you get to see the shows you want and are not disappointed. For now I bid you  farewell er um I mean see ya later. – On the air and in the wind, Fingers