Watch: “KISS Guy” Rocks Foo Fighters, Blows Minds

Watch: “KISS Guy” Rocks Foo Fighters, Blows Minds 

Posted: 4:18 pm Friday, April 20th, 2018

By fingers13

One of the most endearing parts of my career has been the ability to exposed new and unsung talent. Between Fingers Metal Shop and WBAB Homegrown I have had the opportunity to turn listeners and live music fans onto talent form far and wide as well as our own backyard.  So it’s nice to see when others including artists give an unknown a shot. As is the case in this video.

At a recent show Foo Fighters front-man Dave Grohl brings up a guy with Gene Simmons makeup on. He then gives him his guitar and the band breaks into “Monkey Wrench”. The look on Dave’s face and subsequent reactions say it all. Watch and enjoy the love of music and performing in this spontaneous moment. Kudos Dave and Horns Up to “Kiss Guy” AKA Yayo Sanchez.

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On the air and in the wind, Fingers