Opening Night of Cirque Du Soleil VOLTA

Opening Night of Cirque Du Soleil VOLTA 

Posted: 5:20 pm Friday, May 18th, 2018

By fingers13

Last night “Cirque Du Soleil VOLTA” opened under the big top tents at the NYCB Live Nassau Veterans Coliseum for a 6 week run. As with many openings it was also media night. That means they invite all media outlets to come and enjoy the show in hopes of a good review. Well my girl and I give it 4 thumbs up. The evening started with an hour long VIP party with free wine and beer along with pop corn, candy and cake pops.

The welcome area atmosphere was great. Very festive with cool staging of furniture, lights and of course concessions.  I spoke with the person in charge of managing the event and they told me they use 72 semi’s. That’s a lot of trucks! But everything brought on site is theirs, thus total control over quality and execution. I strongly suggest you take the family and see this show before it leaves town. It’s fun and awe inspiring with lots of laughs, gasps and cheers! It runs until July 1st. Check out what I captured for you.

Below you will find a movie trailer type of video I made on my iPhone and a photo gallery. Enjoy!

On the air and in the wind, Fingers



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