Dee Snider’s New Single Shreds Hard 

Posted: 6:36 pm Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

By fingers13

I remember the first time I saw Twisted Sister. Dee was not in the band yet. I always held Twisted as Jay Jay French’s band and truth is he is the one who kept it churning along, but it was Dee that took them to the top. His stage presence and song writing made people notice even past the makeup. Getting to meet him was cool knowing him now as a friend, and the rest of the band, is incredible. I never thought I would be working together with them, introducing them on stage and interviewing them as a DJ. Let alone riding our motorcycles to help others all these years later.

Dee has always been a hard working creative. Whether he’s making music, movies, writing books or creating plays he is always on. A self promoting machine with a huge body of work. Beside Twisted Sister he’s had Widowmaker, Desperado and solo stuff. His new album “For The Love of Metal” hits on July 27th check out the lead track below with this Lyric video and also a video from Dee announcing the album.

On the air and in the wind, Fingers